About Rachel:

Rachel is completing a doctorate in Development Studies through the Victoria University of Wellington, titled ‘What do young people think of development? An exploration into the meanings young people make from NGO media’. Her thesis is currently under examination. The thesis explores how young people in Aotearoa New Zealand negotiate charity appeals and what the educative impact of these appeals may be. This research is at the intersection of the fields of development, visual and media culture, marketing, education and psychology.

Some recent papers:

a) The Impressions left behind by NGO messages concerning the developing world (2012). pdf

b) Emotion and agency within NGO development education: What is at work and what is at stake in the classroom? (2012). pdf

c) Creating “little sultans” in the social sciences: Learning about the other through benevolent eyes. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, 20(4), 281-286.

d) Presentation to IDC (Auckland, 2012) ‘NGO messages: Connecting or separating the world?'. pdf

e) Presentation to 3rd International Conference of Geographies of Children, Young People and Families, hosted by National University of Singapore (2012) ‘Who represents whom? The difficulties of learning about the 'Other' through a lens of benevolence’. pptx

g) Research abstract. docx

h) Research poster pdf

Couch reading for the moment:

'Representations of Global Poverty: Aid, development and international NGOs'. flyer, pdf

‘Ground beneath her feet’ by Salman Rushdie

‘Psychology of Aid’ by Stuart Carr et al.

‘Travelling down under: Dismantling the global South’ By Fiona Beals. pdf

Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review

The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance.

UK Geography Association Thinkpieces

Video clips to watch:

a) Chimamanda Adichie.

b) Changing maps at the West Wing.


a) Imaging-famine.org.

a) David Jefferess

a) David Campbell

a) shahidulalam.com

a) Vanessa Andreotti



"To control the culture, one must control the pictures"

Susan Moeller

"The consequences of the single story robs people of dignity.When we reject the single story, we regain a kind of paradise"

Chimamanda Adichie